Elm Terrace, Portland

The Children’s Hospital, designed by Maine architect Frederick A. Tompson complimented many of the neighborhood mansions in its Colonial Revival Style.

It was constructed in 1909 in connection to the 1801 Mussey Mansion which was also occupied by the hospital. The Children’s Hospital provided free care to patients who could not afford treatment until 1948.

In 1962, the building was sold to the University of Maine and the Mussey Mansion was demolished. After the University vacated the building in 2010, it remained unoccupied.

The rehabilitation of the property by Community Housing of Maine included the significant challenges of the considerable expense of providing on-site parking and constructing a large new addition within a National Register and local historic district. To accomplish both, the addition’s design was based on the Federal-style Mussey Mansion.

Within the 1909 hospital building, the challenges of meeting life safety & energy efficiency standards were accomplished though careful detailing which minimizes visibility of added insulation and MEP systems. Original windows in the most visible elevations were retained and rehabilitated. The project received Federal and State historic tax credits and the building was certified LEED Platinum.

The result is a project that created a total of 35 housing units and constructing a large addition that is cohesive with neighborhood history. Maine Preservation is pleased to present a 2013 Honor Award for the adaptive use of Elm Terrace.