Patricia Anderson Summer Fellows Program

This year, on the tenth anniversary of her passing, Maine Preservation honored the memory and contributions of long-term Maine Preservation board member and past President Patricia McGraw Anderson, by inaugurating the Patricia Anderson Summer Fellows Program. At this years’ 8th Annual Gala Maine more than $6,000 was contributed through bid numbers raised at the live auction in her honor, including a $2,500 gift from one of the program’s employers, Arron Sturgis of Preservation Timber Framing.

Patricia McGraw Anderson was a noted local author, art historian, teacher and tireless advocate of historic preservation. Maine Preservation’s summer fellowship program is dedicated to the professional education of the next generation of historic preservationists. Up to five Summer Fellows, traditionally graduate students in historic preservation programs, receive a nationally-unique tangible introduction to the preservation field. Their nine weeks in the summer are split between hands-on applications of construction and repair with a trades or professional firm and policy and program development at Maine Preservation’s headquarters. Fellows gain important practical knowledge of how preservation businesses run and how preservation nonprofits function.  

Benefits of a Summer Fellowship include introduction to the preservation field; tangible applications of construction and repair; and of the statewide program, policy, development and advocacy side of preservation. Fellows will be introduced to the community of preservation professionals, policy makers, preservation consultants, supporters and donors, and allied organizations in the field. Fellows will also gain important practical knowledge of how preservation businesses run and how preservation nonprofits function. 

Maine Preservation partners with Bagala Window Works and Preservation Timber Framing to provide fellows with preservation trades training.

Preservation Timber Framing is headed by Arron Sturgis, a past president and current member of Maine Preservation’s Board of Trustees, whose firm repairs and rehabilitates 18th and 19th century barns, steeples, museums and homes. Two members on staff are former Summer Fellows.

Bagala Window.png

Bagala Window Works has been restoring historic windows and doors from houses, churches, commercial blocks — and any place that has antique windows — since 1988. Bagala designed and manufactures their own large-scale steam stripping machines.

You can make your donation to the Patricia Anderson Summer Fellows Program by clicking here.

Fellowships are announced at the end of April.