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Most endangered historic places

Since 1996, Maine Preservation has released the Most Endangered Historic Places List to focus positive statewide media attention and boost local efforts to protect a broad range of threatened places throughout the state. Helping save these places becomes an objective of our work.  The success of the Most Endangered Places Program is based on the efforts of local supporters, organizations, members and donors who actively work with Maine Preservation to form partnerships and find solutions to save these significant threatened places across Maine.

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2019 Maine’s Most endangered Historic Places

View the News Release issued September 11, 2019.

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The 2019 Maine’s Most Endangered Historic Places List demonstrates the wide range of buildings that make Maine special. From high-style mansions and small, rustic vernacular houses, to both grand and humble meeting houses -- and one enormous fort -- the 2019 list reflects the diversity of our built environment and the strong sense of place and history they provide us are key parts of what make Maine, Maine. Without concerted public action, these significant historic places could be lost forever.

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