Annie Mills Farm, Aurora

The Story

The town of Aurora is home of the Annie Mills Farmstead, named by locals after a longtime resident who farmed the fertile blueberry fields that surround the property. The farmstead contains a Greek Revival Cape farmhouse, a style that was prominent in the mid-19th century, and a large red barn sitting adjacent to the rear ell of the house. It is believed to be one of the oldest houses in the area.


The Threat

The architecturally significant farmstead has sat vacant for several years, falling into disrepair as a result of deferred maintenance. The house was acquired as part of a blueberry farm. The current owner has no use for the house and barn. Many citizens have expressed concern over the state of the property and worry that it may fall into irreparable disrepair or become the victim of vandalism. This property is representative of many historic buildings acquired as part of a property intended for other purposes.


The Solution

The Annie Mills Farmstead remains an early and significant building on the Aurora landscape, one that represents the agricultural heritage of the state, as well as the local families that contributed to its legacy. In order to preserve this farmstead and other abandoned historic buildings, we hope the owners will recognize that they are significant community assets and also will seek an occupant to utilize the historic building in a manner that does not negatively affect the rest of the property.