Granite Works Office

Hallowell Granite Works, Hallowell

The former Granite Works Office, built ca. 1830, and its neighbor are the surviving remainders of the once extensive Granite Works complex, and are the core of the local and national Hallowell Historic Districts.

Skilled stonecutters brought from Europe created monuments and statuary within the complex’s long production sheds that embellished many renowned 19th century buildings. When Hallowell’s granite industry declined, most of the fabrication sheds were removed. Fortunately, the former office building was left intact.

The building later served as the Brahms Mount’s textile mill and store before it outgrew the building. The building’s plan and interior have seen only minor alterations over time. The building’s exterior, however, suffered from decades of deferred maintenance causing deterioration.

The current owners bought the property in 2013 to relocate their growing business to vibrant downtown Hallowell.  They sought to save a locally well known and prominent historic property from further deterioration, and to make a practical investment.

State and Federal tax credits helped make this project a reality. The worn condition of the building required extensive rehabilitation, from foundation to roof and from infrastructure to finishes.

The rehabilitation repaired worn features and replaced deteriorated features along the primary façade and entry.

The owners now have a high quality office space in the vibrant downtown Hallowell, and preserved desirable walk-to-Main street housing on the upper floors.  A prominent historic property was transformed from an eyesore into an attraction. Thanks to Historic Tax Credits, the project was economically practical and can serve as an example to others how a small project that blends rehabilitation with revitalization can have a community impact while still being economically practical.