Togus Veteran's Administration Building No. 200, Main Hospital, Augusta

In 1865, as the Civil War was ending, President Lincoln established the National Asylum for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. The Eastern Branch, now the Togus VA Medical Center, is the oldest veteran’s facility in the country, opening in November 1866. Building No. 200, the Main Hospital, was built in 1933 with a red brick edifice in the Art Deco Style. Elevated above the other buildings, it remains the focal point of the entire complex. 

Leaks from the building’s parapets were causing structural failure and delaminating of limestone, with pieces were falling to the ground creating a life safety issue. All work including crane hoists was performed in an operating facility

Building No. 200 is the 4th building on campus where parapet repair and re-roofing were performed during the last 5 years. Exterior restoration began in 2012, encompassing 36,000 square-feet of the historic building’s façade and parapets.

 The project involved demolition and rebuilding of parapets on the main building using new brick, cutting and re-pointing all mortar joints, replacement of lintels at all window heads, replacement of existing deteriorated limestone, and a full roof replacement.

The project team restored the building’s original grandeur using modern construction techniques to ensure that the 67-bed medical facility continues to operate long into the future. Maine Preservation is pleased to present a 2013 Honor Award for the rehabilitation of the Togus VA Building No. 200, Main Hospital.