Cosmopolitan Club

Property Description

Flanked on both sides by similar homes, this 2.5 story Greek Revival sets directly on the town green across from the library. Constructed in 1841 during the middle of the boom time for the City of Ships, it was the home of Dr. Israel Putman, a graduate of Bowdoin Medical School. Dr. Putnam had an extensive medical practice in Bath and served as the Cities mayor eight times between 1859 and 1867. The property has served as the headquarters of the Cosmopolitan Club since 1915.  


Property History

The Cosmopolitan Club of Bath formed in April 1913 when Miss Elizabeth E. Webber, along with sixteen other Bath women, created a social club for working women to get together and share a fellowship. Their primary purpose was social interaction outside of home and work, and volunteer service and philanthropy locally, nationally, and internationally. In March 1915, the women gathered their resources to purchase the 1841 Greek Revival house at 894 Washington Street in Bath. As the local gentleman’s club had a house, the Cosmopolitan Club women also wanted their own house for community events and eventually for rental to single women in need of housing. In its first month of existence (April 1913), the Club welcomed Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan to the Winter Street Congregational Church (over 600 tickets were sold at 50 cents a piece).